Superabrasive Profile Grinding

Superabrasive Grinding Machines
Row of three of our Huffman HS Series
Grinders in Clover, SC
Besides extensive Abrasive Waterjet and Laser processing capabilities, we offer a reliable resource for Profile Grinding of complex high value parts for the Aerospace and IGT OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

We have years of experience profile grinding a wide variety of parts including Vanes, Blades and Disks and can provide a range of service.

The right Profile Grinding process can reduce part handling and set-ups by combining as many operations of a part onto a single fixture plate.

This approach produces a “single part flow” process that minimizes handling, reduces scrap and minimizes part
inventory requirements. This allows us to efficiently produce
lower quantities in a cost effective manner.

We take full advantage of Huffman HS Series Profile Grinders in our shop and can provide exception service and value through the accuracy and performance of our machining systems.

HS-75R 5-Axis Precision Grinder
HS-155S 5-Axis Precision Grinder
HS-194R 4-Axis Precision Grinder
HS-195GC 5 Axis Grinding Center
HS-225C 5-Axis Precision Grinder
Typical Gas Turbine Parts Produced
Typical Aero Engine parts produced by
Springfield Manufacturing

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