Abrasive Waterjet Machining

Huffman WJ-156 6-Axis Waterjet machine

Besides extensive Laser , Profile Grinding and EDM capabilities, we offer a reliable resource for Abrasive Waterjet part processing using Huffman’s advanced technology.

We serve the Aerospace and IGT OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier market for a variety of parts including Vanes, Blades and Disks and can provide a range of service including cladding, hard facing  and welding.

AWJ is environmentally friendly and can provide exceptional value
in part processing of high “value” components that require cutting,
stripping or drilling.

Since there is no heat or chemicals involved, secondary operations
and cleaning is virtually eliminated – reducing lead time and costs.

Abrasive Waterjet (AWJ)


5-Axis Abrasive Water Jet


5-Axis Abrasive Water Jet


6-Axis Abrasive Water Jet


5-Axis Abrasive Water Jet


5-Axis Abrasive Water Jet

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